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Name:Xanthe's Stories
Website:Xanthe's Fiction
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This journal is for my fiction only. You can find my chat/gossip/news etc lj at:

Most of my stories are slashn and I'm currently writing in the Suits and NCIS fandoms. All my stories are archived on my website at Previous fandoms include Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, The X Files and The West Wing.

Beta Note: People often send me their stories on spec and ask me for help, advice or a full beta. I really hate having to turn people down but I do only beta or give help on stories for a few very close friends or people I have an existing beta relationship with whose work I know. This is nothing personal - I just don't have the time to give my full attention to everything that gets sent to me. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so please don't send me anything on spec without checking with me first.


1. My stories are available on my site, my LJ, and various archives for you to download. You can print my stories and even bind them and add pictures etc for your own personal use but you MAY NOT distribute them or offer them for sale.

2. Some of my stories are available in zine form from Agent With Style . I do not make any profit from these. You may not make your own zines of my stories to sell.

3. Many of my stories are available as e-reader downloads. You can find these in the downloads section on my website and on A03.

4. Some of my stories are available as podfics (audio recordings). You may not make your own recording and offer it for sale. If you wish to record one of my stories, please contact me first to make sure someone else isn’t already recording it and to gain my permission. Once you have finished a recording, please send me the file so I can put it on my website for people to download.

5. Artwork for my stories is the property of the artist. Please do not use them as bases for your own work, or reproduce them without permission from the artist.

6. I do not authorise any sequels, prequels or ‘missing scenes’ to my work. I used to accept story gifts from friends, and these are widely available online, but after some issues on the subject I have now decided to deny all such requests.

7. A special note about the BDSM universe: I understand that lots of authors wish to play in my sandbox by writing their own fanfic set in my BDSM universe. I give permission for this ONLY if you link back to me in your headers as the original creator of the universe.

8. You may NOT write an original character novel set in my BDSM universe and offer it for sale. Not for profit fanfic set in my BDSM universe is okay as long as you link back and give credit. The same applies for any of my story universes (e.g. the vampire universe depicted in Birth-Day).

9. You may not repost or archive my stories anywhere without my permission.

I will take legal action if my commerical copyright is breached, particularly relating to items 1, 2, 4 and 8 above, in respect of unauthorised sale.

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of permission, please contact me direct at xanthe at

Story Index for stories archived on this LJ. My full story archive can be found here.

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